Capturing Moments so that we may Relive the Memories

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About Me

For the most part of my life, I have lived in Washington State. Born in the Philippines, I came here when I was 7 years old. My very first camera was a point and shoot canon from my grandmother.  Since then, I was fascinated, and over the years it became a passion of mine. With so many amazing views all around the PNW, I started out taking landscapes and nature. I've really grown to love the outdoors, whether it's being out on the water or high above the clouds in the mountains. One thing I've always loved about photography is the idea of how we're able to capture special moments in our lives with just one click of a button. It gives us the ability to remember certain memories we might have forgotten. Being able to look back and reminisce is definitely something wonderful!!!!

Services include:




-Adventure Portraits

-Couples, Family, & Group

I provide my clients with a more laid back style because I believe a very important aspect is to have fun. My job is to make sure your experience is stress free! Please drop a line and contact me as I'd love to talk to you about how I can help with your photographic needs. 

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